There has been a lot of confusions about my ducky design...

The "Original"

I'm not the "original" creator of ALL duck/ chick with knife thing,,


NOT my design!

These are most likely derived from the meme,, except for that kirby idk why he's there


By now you should realize that my ducky design is a VERY ROUND BLOB with no feet

In conclusion,

Before you assume someone is stealing my design pls double check! Maybe they just stole from the meme!

Additional note: I do not own the rights to ALL duck/chick with knife designs, nor do I own the idea. 

There is no such thing as "original" and in the end we are all stealing from that one powerful plushie meme. probably!! SO unless it really, exactly, resembles my round blob of a duck, it's safe to assume that they just got the idea from the meme and made their own design!

ANYWAYS, thank you so much for looking out for this me! This ducky really appreciates it (•ө•)🔪♡