baby adoption delay notice

( preorder )


Countries we can ship to

(with registered mail):

1. China

2. Hongkong

3. Japan

4. South Korea

5. Malaysia

6. Thailand

7. Taiwan

8. Singapore


Still can't ship to all other countries!


We can ship with EMS (Express Mail Service) to most countries.

Please check your email for my upgrade offer!

(additional charges apply)

I apologize again for this unexpected delay...

Thank you (•ө•)♡


for those of you who missed the preorder

if you want to get notified for shop updates:

additional shop notice:

+Regarding March orders (hat batch):

If you ordered from the US, chances are your package is being returned back to me. This is due to COVID-19 shipping restrictions for registered mail service to certain countries. I will keep your package until the restriction is lifted and I can resend it to you. Or you can also upgrade to EMS (Express Mail Service) if you don't mind paying extra! Thank you for your patience and understanding.

(This info should also be in your email. Kindly check your spam folder if you didn't see it!)

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