(almost) everything about your shopping journey here

about shop

This online shop is run by literally one person (duck) who is based in Indonesia.

about products

+ Always read product descriptions carefully.

+ Check the size guide!

+ Preorder items can take a looong time so please be patient!


about problems that may occur

>IMPORTANT: Once I sent your package, everything will be outside of my control.


  - Please contact the facility where your package is last seen on tracking page and resolve it with them. If the package is completely lost we can only cry together.


  - This usually happens when there's a failed delivery. That's why it's important to regularly track your package to avoid this. I can send the package back to you ONCE I RECEIVED IT. I do not cover the second shipping fee. If you don't want to pay for shipping fee again, I have another option: a refund. The refund will ONLY be for the item cost, NOT including the first shipping fee.

about shipping

+ International shipping is available via Registered Mail (Post). It may take 2-5 weeks to arrive.

+ YES it is EXPENSIVE. YES it is SLOW.

+ Ships to most countries on the planet. BUT due to circumstances you may find that we don't ship to your country on checkout. Don't hesitate to check with me if it's possible to ship to your country.

about tracking


+ Your tracking number will be sent to your email once your order is shipped.

+ If you can't find it please contact me!

+ YOU MUST ALWAYS TRACK YOUR PACKAGE. Something may go wrong on the way and it's better to be resolved soon before the post send it back to me.

+ SOME COUNTRIES MAY NOT PROVIDE TO DOOR TRACKING. Meaning, once the package arrived at destination country, the tracking becomes unavailable. Due to lack of info I don't have the list of all the countries, but I do know CANADA is on the list.

the end.

Thank you for reading this to the end.

If you have questions you can reach me at komomoonrebi@gmail.com or DM on twitter!

Your dearest duck,

sol (•ө•)♡


additional note regarding COVID-19 situation

+ At the moment international mailing is disrupted and there are restrictions to ship to most countries. So, until the situation calmed down I won't sell any physical items on my shop. If you for some reasons terribly need some duck merchs right now you can get some on teepublic !

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