duckigotchu tutorial


the gameplay is basically the same as a classic tamagotchi!

but here you gotta evolve the knife instead of the duck!

knife evolution

level 0

stat lvl 0.png

level 5

stat lvl 5.png

level 1

stat lvl 1.png

level 6

stat lvl 6.png

level 2

stat lvl 2.png

level ???

stat lvl secret2.png

level 3

stat lvl 3.png

level ???

stat lvl secret1.png

level 4

stat lvl 4.png

level ???

stat lvl secret3.png

simply give ducky some food and fight enemies to level up!!!

secret levels can only be unlocked with a specific (super secret) combination of food given to ducky!

i won't give any hints so try to find them even if takes you a lifetime!!!

OK never mind here's one hint lol: the combo contains either 11/12 food each.

how to do stuff

press button A to access menu.

press B to select or press A to pick another.


feed ducky with anything you like!


note that some food items won't give ducky any energy,

and some will even decrease the hunger bar!

ducky also won't eat more than 5 foods every 3 minutes.


fight bad thoughts by stabbing them with button B!

if you see a good thought instead, don't stab it! (ignore)


when kept idle for a long time, ducky will fall asleep.

during this time, mushrooms will pop out and bury ducky.

those are actually poop so pls clean them up by pressing B.

the game will autosave your progress in your browser.

if you press the reset button it will clear up your progress

and you'll start from the beginning!