an explanation about the duck club's monthly stuff (patreon)

Published: Apr. 11, 2021

hi so!

starting from january 2021 my monthly ducky stuff (patreon rewards) is posted on google drive (with the link posted on patreon) and the link is only accessible during the month it's released.

but why? you ask ㄟ( ・ө・ )ㄏ

i've been thinking about this for a looong time now...

Patreon's system made it so that whoever joins in can see (and download) the already existing posts. all my patreon rewards are digital downloads. new members can easily download ALL the previous months' rewards if i put the rewards on my patreon posts...

this means that people can cheaT their way to get the stuff without having to pay for all those months... for example if i am a person with a cheater brain, i can easily subscribe in january and unsubscribe in february, then re-subscribe in december and download all the stuff from the previous months.... what do you think about this cheater person that is an imaginary me?? hmMmmMmm

i think it's just sad when someone comes in, takes everything and runs off :(

BUT most importantly!!! i feel that it's truly unfair for everyone who's been staying (and paying) for all the stuff each and every month! ((i mean if u have a cheater brain it will be more economical for u hahaha))

that is why, until PaTREON decided to do something about their system to make it cheat-proof,, i will keep posting the ducky stuff this way >:D

the downside to this method is that there will be people who forget to download and missed the monthly rewards despite paying for the stuff of that month..... i know that everyone is busy and don't check their emails or patreon notification that often!!! so that's why,, if you do forget to download the stuff for the month you were a member of, you can contact me (email or patreon dm) and i'll get ur stuff delivered !!!


if you are a NEW member who wants to get the previous month's rewards, you can buy them on my shop! make sure to check this month's super secret code for patrons to get special discount! (it's probably on the patreon post where i post the monthly duck stuff)

i know that this is probably not the best method butt i do not know any other way to make this fair for everyone!!! (but i am a Ducktator so i don't really have to be fair i guess ㄟ( ・ө・ )ㄏ)

i hope this long explanation is understandable (and acceptable)!!!

long story short, we do not want a cheater in this house ㄟ( ・ө・ )ㄏ

that is all

very sincerely,

ur sweet and stabby Ducktator,

sol (•ө•)♡