Tiny biscuits!! Animal crossing!1! ! Top villagers!! !!1!! Ahhhhhhhh


You will get:

★15 icons

★1 desktop wallpaper

★1 set of phone wallpaper




I'm donating $1 to a charity for every wallpaper set purchase. The cause may change every few weeks. This time the donation will go to UNHCR (Refugee Crisis).

Thank you for your contribution! (•ө•)♡

animal crossing biscuits! - wallpaper + icon set

  • format:

    -wallpapers: PNG file

    -icons: PNG file for mac and ICO file for windows


    -1920x1080 px 300dpi for desktop

    -750x1334px 144dpi for phone

    -256x256px 72 dpi for icons


    +for the ico files (windows) you may see the thumbnails as different sizes when opening them in the folder but when you apply them as icons they'll be the right sizes!

    +size is 256px including the transparent background so it may be smaller because I adjusted them to be all about the same sizes

  • This file is for PERSONAL use only. Please do not share it with others who have not purchased it. It may not be used for other purposes than a wallpaper on your devices.

    You may not use this file for any commercial purposes
    You may not edit it
    You may not copy it
    You may not redistribute it (posting on social media, etc)

© 2020 by komomorebi

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