i was half asleep when i started designing this font and here we have it weew! im still half asleep...


the main font (Oh! Beary Cloudy Day) contains 400+++ characters including a boba icon for my sake and your sake... the night version has the same characters as the day version except for the dingbats! (see the characters in pic)

and of course! there's a bonus font which has a bee in it just beecause!! This one only has basic characters (79 total).


>>>UPDATE: I have now included a separate font for the dingbats alone called "Oh Beary Cloudy Dingbats". The characters' reference sheet is included in the zip file download!<<<



this is the first FULL font(s) that i created with love and care and i took my time testing and revising it so i hope it works ok /sweats

hope you enjoy! (•ө•)♡


oh! beary cloudy font bundle

  • a zip file containing:

    - Oh! Beary Cloudy Day font in otf and ttf format

    - Oh! Beary Cloudy Night font in otf and ttf format

    - Oh! My Hunny font in otf and ttf format

    >>UPDATE: + Oh! Beary Cloudy Dingbats in otf and ttf format