samples of art commissions i can offer for owo toast tier*



>simple shading, flat color/grid bg

>can request the frame (flower, hearts, etc)

>can add a friend on top of head

sketch portrait

>full body - semi chibi style

>sketchy lines, flat colors

>can add tiny friends as shown on the second sample!

simple phone wallpaper set

>simple characters

>flat colors

>wholesome moments

tiny blob with floating items

>just a blob

>anatomy is like a starfish

>simple floating items (up to 6)

super close up sketch

>simple sketch, flat colors

>basically just a face in frame >w<

simple desktop wallpaper


or others...

if you have another request you can talk to me about it and we'll see! (•ө-)♡

*only one type of commission/month

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